It's time to upgrade the buzzer

Modern features for legacy entry systems

Your building isn’t going to modernize the call box, but that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade your experience.

<b>Any</b> building

Any building

Any building with a call box that calls your phone.

<b>No</b> Hardware to Install

No Hardware to Install

Buzz Me In is 100% cloud-based. There is no hardware to buy or install. All you need is a web browser.

<b>Automated</b> access control

Automated access control

Create unique access codes with schedules to maximize security without having to be bothered to buzz expected visitors in.

<b>Multiple</b> Phones Supported

Multiple Phones Supported

Buzz Me In can forward calls to several phone numbers, local, long distance, just you and a roommate, or a family of 4. No problem.

Easy to use

Our easy to use interface makes creating and managing access to your building as simple as creating an event on your calendar.

Modern features
for ancient call boxes

With a full suite of features, Buzz Me In brings your building’s call box in to the modern age

<b>Personal</b> Buzz Me In Number

Personal Buzz Me In Number

Ditch the landline! You will get a unique, local number for every property. Gone are the days of paying for a local phone number!

<b>Multiple</b> User Support

Multiple User Support

With Buzz Me In, everyone in your household can have their own set of codes for their guests, and anyone can be notified when someone’s outside. Great for roommates and families.

<b>API</b> Available

API Available

Is your unit a short term rental? Buzz Me In has an API that you can use to automatically create codes and schedules for your guests. No more having to try and get them a key fob.

<b>Trusted</b> Cloud Infrastructure

Trusted Cloud Infrastructure

Buzz Me In runs completely in the cloud on the same redundant infrastructure trusted by companies like Netflix, Airbnb, and even NASA! Our telephone infrastructure is used by the likes of Google, Go Daddy, and Skype.

<b>Voice</b> Control

Voice Control

No buttons on your buzzer? No problem. Buzz Me In supports voice entry for your codes. Your guests just need to say their codes to get access.

<b>Secure</b> Access

Secure Access

Every time someone attempts to gain access, the system logs their attempt. Successful, not successful, your guests, your kids guests, everything. Finally, you can see if your dog walker tried to access your building in the middle of the night while you were on vacation.



If someone outside wants access, you don’t need to be disturbed. They can enter a valid code or leave. If you want to be notified, you can simply respond to a message on your phone with one tap and let someone in without even having to answer your phone.

<b>Global</b> Control

Global Control

Buzz visitors in from a coffee shop in Thailand, or a vacation villa in Italy. Anywhere in the world you have an internet connection you can update access codes and buzz visitors in.

Plans for every household.

Not every household is the same which is why we’ve created a number of plans with our most popular features

Basic Household

For Rommates
Basic Household
$3.99 per month
  • Personal Buzz Me In number
  • Support for 2 phones
  • Administrative website and mobile apps
  • Email support

Automated Access

For Short-Term Rentals
Automated Access
$19.99 per month for the first unit
  • Multiple Properties Supported
  • Unlimited Management Accounts
  • Unlimited Scheduled Codes
  • API Access to Manage Codes
  • Consolidated Billing